Saturday, May 24, 2008

mostly about some aminals, but also about some jewelry.

we saw this across the street a few weeks ago. it was a very exciting, yet friendly chase!

at the same time, we had our neighbor's cat, peaches, on our porch, as usual. we have had some very strong winds recently, very windy. the wind came and blew the cushion over onto peaches. oh well, we just left her that way. she gets our dogs too excited and we do not encourage her presence at our house anyway. i like to spray her with the hose.

we went to chapel hill last weekend because i had a class to teach for the NC Society of Goldsmiths. It was a super fun class, and my students were great! we stayed with jamie's mom and jamie got to fish all weekend in the lake behind her house. lots of catfish! i caught one too.

jamie's mom, debby, has 4 cats. she got 2 of them at the same time and named them waylon and willie. both are orange. waylon is slim with a nice long tail, and willie...well, willie is fat as shit. debby says it is because he has some disorder, that he eats the same amount as everyone else in the house. i loved his fat self, i wanted to hug him and pet him all the time we were there. watching him run was one of the most genuinely funny things i have seen in a long time. apparently this happens to orange cats the most. interesting.

these are from the work i am sending to the Shaw Gallery for the Pop Culture show. i am so excited about this work. i really spent some time making this, thinking things through, and working in a way differently than normal because i was following a theme.

"I Want To Be Just Like Her!" (look closely) "Gotta Love the Gossip!" (britney spears musical box, it plays a song when you press a button! ) "Exchangeable Husband & Wife Pendant" (you can exchange boxes in the carriage to trade out.)

i will be sending these off to sam shaw on monday! hope he likes them!

i also realized that i have a craft show coming right up. i will be in virginia beach the 2nd weekend of june, and i have been making things bigger and more expensive than i imagine people will want at the craft show, so i need to get my arse in gear and make some craft show jewelry. here is my 1st one...i tried to mix some of the stone stuff i have been doing with some production design. turned out well, i think.

that's about it for today. i'm trying to get back in the blogging mood. it comes, and it goes.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

blue one

i just wanted to get this up, the blue and white necklace...modeled by ms molly dingledine.

we are off to vote. i will leave you guessing who we are voting for. *sigh* i frankly am embarrassed for both of them. but the worst thing i have heard so far is the idea of repealing the gas tax for the summer. which is a MOOT ISSUE, seeing as neither of them will be president this summer. so stupid. and shouldn't we be focusing on driving less, coming up with alternative mass transportation methods instead of just saving a small amount of money?

have a great day!!!

Sunday, May 4, 2008


well, this weekend was spent in a large part on the computer. i've been re-doing my website....again! i am liking it. i still have a long way to usual, but i think it is streamlined. i can't seem to pare down on the images, though. have a look and tell me if i am just giving too much information, or tell me if you like to see all the pics. it would be helpful to get some feedback. thanks! here is a pic of a brooch you might not have seen, but one i like very much.

in the last issue of american craft magazine, there were some handmade dresses that i loved! i thought i would repost the pics for you. these are RISD students' work...RISD turns out some creative and talented people! see more from RISD online here. (that would be Rhode Island School of Design...)

(love the zipper dress, love it, love it!)

i found this kick ass website, that gives you the color palette of different outfits, one per day. it is really neat to see how different colors look together, and just might possibly be helpful to me in mixing up the colored stones i have been using. although i must say i am pretty good at trusting my own sense of design and color, but i thought this was fun!

i also found this kinda neat japanese website that has lots of interesting ideas and pics and how-to's about craft and design. they had pics of fancy nails you can wear for your wedding or for just a fancy party. i thought they were very special. you know how i can be obsessed with fingernails...or my lack thereof.

i worked a bunch in the yard today, hauling rocks and doing more digging. i banged my finger up pretty good, and it hurts right now while i am typing. i rubbed it right away to prevent serious swelling and bruising, and it seemed to help. i heard a little "pop!" when i banged it and i was afraid i had broken something!! but i think it is ok, just a little sore. the rocks look great if i may say so myself. a lot different than before...and hopefully better. i'll post a pic later on.

i hope everyone had a fabulous weekend, and is ready for the week ahead! i know i am; my hands are itching to get back in the studio....had some more ideas for more prong jewelry this week, can't wait!


Thursday, May 1, 2008

what's doing

jamie went to the rock yard today and loaded half of our new rocks and brought them home to me today. he unloaded them too! sweet. this weekend we will work on placing them in the backyard where they belong. this involves more digging. and carrying. awesome. tomorrow he will get the other half! yahoo!

i finished my red brooch. this pic isn't the best, but it is better than nothing. i love it!!! it is sterling with a large variety of stones. i am really excited about this prong stuff.

so my next prong piece is going to be a "lacy" necklace. in clears, whites, and blues with some green, too. i am gonna work on that tomorrow.

the flowers around here are still going strong. this azalea is from right next door. gorgeous!!

trudy escaped the fence tonight for the 1st time, and the woman down the street called and had her. so i just spent about 15 minutes sealing up the hole from which she escaped. no big deal, but i hope she doesn't get it in her mind to start digging.

i dreamt last night that i had a pair of testicles that someone gave me, out of the sack, to be cooked. they were rolling around on a plate in some juice and i was supposed to take care of them and take them home and cook them up to eat. nasty dream. these are sheep's testicles, all skewered for roasting, but the ones in my dream were smaller.

in niche magazine they had an article about several jewelers to watch. i really like melissa tolar's work! she does nice work on the backs of the pieces as well, which is something i really appreciate. have a look for yourself!

हवे अन एक्स्सल्लेंट फ्रिदय!