Tuesday, November 18, 2008


people, it has been a cold day! we are all huddled up inside the house, covered in blankies. steve, the cat, even has his blankie on!

penland turned out to be an intense experience. Amy and i had some great students who made fantastic work. each of the students developed their own jewelry style, which was fabulous and exciting to see. really, i was truly blessed to meet some wonderful people, and reconnect with others i already knew were great. i am glad to be home, back working some in my safe studio here in asheville, though.

now i am just filling some orders i have gotten from The Artful Home catalog. i had 2 pieces for sale in the catalog, and it is exciting to have people order my work in that manner! The artful home features all handmade work, both on the website and in the catalog, so if you are looking for some quality handmade gifts, i suggest you check it out.

i also am super excited that i have been accepted into the Klimt Community, an online exhibition space and community. I have long admired this website, and actually never thought i'd be a part of it. well, i will be shortly, as soon as i get my act together and send them all the necessary info and pics. check it out in a couple of weeks. i'll remind you.

i also discovered a new jewelry book that i am super excited about. My new friend Mary Hallam Pearse introduced me to this book, and i came home and ordered it right away. it arrived this afternoon. it is called The Fat booty of Madness, and it features many jewelry artists from all over the world. it a fantastic book for eye candy, ideas, laughs...i just love it! charon kransen sells it for $75 + shipping.

i am reading barack obama's autobiography, Dreams From My Father. I highly recommend this book, as it reads like a novel and also is so informative. Wht a great guy our newest president is! i am thrilled to learn more about his fascinating life. can you still believe it? i am so proud of us for voting him in, finally. it feels good to be proud of something our country has done when i have been embarrassed for so long.

lastly, check out this toilet. it is a tree toilet for camping. how lovely.