Monday, October 22, 2007


tonight is a in the computer, that is. ;)

we had FUN carving the pumpkins, and were both feeling proud to see them out on the porch all lit up last night. it's the little things, people, that makes us feel good. can you guess who carved which pumpkin?

we also took the ladies (trudy and sadie) for a walk, which was nice, and ran into our friend john on kimerbly ave. it is kinda nice when that happens, as it really does make you feel more part of a community when you pass someone you know on the road.

then we came back and i painted! jamie did not. but i had fun painting while jamie cooked some kick ass roasted pork stuffed with mushrooms and onions, garlic and ginger. YUM. i love any glaze with honey or brown sugar on pork.

that's about that. today i had a great day at work, i came up with a ton of ideas for earrings to go with my new work. i have not posted pics of my new work that i am so psyched about...perhaps soon. i really am into it, i hope i get a good response in philly when we go for the next show. it is coming up soon, and i am feeling some pressure to make sure i have the best work i can have ready for the show! check out the link here for the philadelphia museum of art craft show.

sleep tight!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

what to do

people have been asking me how it feels to be married. well, it feels great! i used to worry about spending my life alone, at times i worried about this so much that i would become mentally crippled. i believe that much of the depression that used to plague me came from this fear of being alone.

but i am discovering that having a partner does not make everything all ok. i often have been troubled by being bored in the evenings after work. what do people do? watch tv, eat, do chores, read? those things are fine, but not every night. i do not want my days to be filled with work and chores and eating and tv. i've been thinking that jamie and i should take a class, do something together. i kind of thought that having a partner would make this "empty night" feeling go away. but it has not. jamie is wonderful, and i love being with him so much! we are best friends and we have a great time together, even if we are doing nothing. but he cannot fix that restless feeling of not knowing what to do at night for me, so i have to get on it and figure something out for myself, so i can scratch my itchy fingers.

for now, i've decided i need to get back to being crafty. i do not have my craft things set up in the new house, but i have a big coffee table down here in the living room that i can work on. i bought some things in thailand that i just liked, even though i wasn't sure what to do with them. i've figured it out, though, and decided that we are going to paint them and hang them up somewhere appropriate in the house. i am really excited to paint these things!
both the metal discs and the wooden flowers are about one inch in diameter. jamie said he might want to paint some too!

here they are before the painting, and i'll post some pics of them after the painting as well.

last night we went over the stephanie'shouse for a post birthday get together. this is gracie, steph's dog, all gussied up in her halloween costume. ha!

today we are going to carve our pumpkins. i am shocked to hear it, but jamie has never carved a pumpkin before! so it will be fun to have a go at it, and roast the seeds, too.


Friday, October 19, 2007

talked into it

october 18, 2007

so, after several suggestions that i keep blogging, i've been officially talked into it.

i am planning on changing the blog name, though, but i am going to try to do it so you can type in either the new name or the old one. since this will not really be a travel blog anymore, i am going to think of something new. i almost have it, but i need to sleep on it.

for the past few weeks i have been obsessed by my jewelry making, i think about it almost all the time. it has prevented me from chatting on the phone and has been making me have restless fingers when i am at home at night.

so for now, in my 1st blog as a non-traveler, i am just gonna post a few pics for you that i took myself. i am really psyched about them, as i discovered a new setting on my camera that really works great for close up shots of jewelry. these items will be in an invitational jewelry show at the Cervini Haas Gallery in scottsdale, arizona. i am really excited to be in this show because the fellow jewelers are people whose work i respect. it is nice to be a part of that. check it out at