Wednesday, February 1, 2012


This is Sam and Ravi, our waiters here at the Rama Resort. What awesome guys! They managed to make friends with Walker...I truly wish them both the best.

Well, our lovely luxurious beach vacation is coming to an end. Tomorrow at 4AM we depart for the airport, where we we will catch our flight to Varanasi, the Holy City on the Ganges.

Although we have loved our stay at the beach, we are ready to move on. Well, we are ready since we know we are not going to stay here forever...which I almost could. Goodbye, prawn sandwich with fries and cucumber salad. I'll always thnk of you quite fondly.

Jamie and I both have been able to visit the dentist here...he has paid $20 US for a procedure that would cost $1200 US at home. I paid $70 for a teeth cleaning & whitening, which would cost over $500 US. My teeth, after years of smoking and drinking wine (I no longer smoke, by the way), were a number 6 out of 10, 10 being the darkest. How gross! Now they are a 4, and I feel much better. It's kind of the 1st "vain" thing I've done for myself. But hey! I am happy!

I think Walker is going to be sad to leave. He has made friends and found great independence here. He has also been doing great at potty training. We have made friends with some folks from England, and we are delighted to have spent time with them...a couple about our age and also another couple about our parents' age. Just lovely people, all of them (figuratively and literally)!

A cow parade that occurred yesterday on the beach.

Varanasi is the next step toward coming home, and we will definitely understand what it means to be home. We have 8 days left here in India. but as they say, there is no place like home!

We heard from our hotel owner that a woman 2 hotels down the road woke up with a rat nibbling her finger!!!! She ran around looking for help, but did not find any until she found our hotel owner, Amit, asleep. They took her to the hospital.!

Talk to you from Varanasi. Should be AWESOME!

PS. An eagle just flew overhead! So cool!