Saturday, January 10, 2009

new ring!

i spent soem time last week looking through my pictures from india in january 2007. i found this one, which is part of a tapestry in the Aina Mahal in Bhuj, Kutch. They used this handmade tapestry as wallpaper, and it lined the bottom half of the walls in the hallways of the palace. it is amazing to think of all the hours those women spent hand embroidering this beautiful work.

i ran across this picture of cold connected brooches somewhere, forgive me for not having the proper credits. i love the inegnious way of adding the clasp on these. fantastic design.

i made a new ring last week. i love it! an experiment in color, once again, but sparkly colors that seem to work well together.

i found out last week that Mobilia Gallery in Cambridge will be representing my work at SOFA NY 2009 in april. i am super excited about this! i will be making about 5 large pieces for the show, which fits into my schedule perfectly. jamie and i also decided that we will go up for the opening, new papoose in arms! so we'll stay a couple of days, get to see the show, see my uncle victor, and take a practice trip with the babe. i have already begun making the work, and think it's going to turn out great. i'm super grateful for the opportunity to show my work in such an incredible venue. i have to give thanks also to my studio mate, geoff giles, for recommending my work to Mobilia.

here's a toilet for you. one that burns the refuse and turns it into ash. pretty nifty, wonder why it didn't take off commercially? when i was in india at the toilet museum in delhi, they had a replica of one of these toilets, and the indian guide told me it turns the refuse into "ass". hilarious!

anyone know what happened to all the pre-fab neighborhoods that they showed in movies like E.T., Poltergeist, and The Outsiders? are they still around? what do they look like now?

hope you guys have a great weekend!