Wednesday, February 13, 2008

back in philly

ah, i'm here! it's been a rainy day, but a pretty good day. i'm almost all set up at the show, but will go in tomorrow around 1 to finish up. the preview opens at 4pm.

i had a busy day doing things here. unloading, settling in the hotel, setting up, running over to ikea...then back to the show, then back to the hotel. on my way back to the hotel i stopped and picked up a philly cheesesteak. man, they are so good. and they are so good, you know they are so BAD for you! but i had one, and that's enough.

but while i was eating my sandwich, i got a call from the front desk saying they had a flower delivery for me!! they brought up this beautiful arrangement, and it smells really good! i think i might bring it on up to the booth so i can see it more, and so other people can enjoy it too. jamie is so thoughtful, and makes me feel so loved.

i walked around some and drove around, too, on my way to ikea. i am staying one block from the betsy ross house. the lady who made the flag, you know. i wonder if perhaps we all think of her as some sweet rosy cheeked old lady and she could have been some nagging old biddy. her house is real cute, right here in the heart of the old city in philly. and right near it is a large bust of ben franklin, real large, and kind of weird. please notice the small angel/adult-child in the pink dress in this picture. ??? kind of like a female adult-baby jesus.

i am also near the US mint. since i don't have to go in early tomorrow, i am very tempted to go on the mint tour. i am going to let myself sleep in, and then see how i feel. sounds like it could be really interesting though!!

tomorrow i am gong to bring my camera with me so i can get some pics for you guys. i want to show you how immense this show is. unbelievable. pretty wonderful, too, to see so many people making their living from making things. pretty daunting, hough, when one considers all the competition!

i was pleased to find that i am right next to danielle miller, a jeweler friend who lives in greeneville, sc. i've known danielle for about 7 years now, as we discovered today, and she is great. when i met her 1st son, i have to say i thought he was one of the most precious little boys i have ever seen! her work is great; very well made and dynamic!

that's it for now...hope you guys are all doing well...
sleep tight!


Anonymous said...

Good to hear you made it safely & with flowers! Awww! The Y is missing you, as am I.

Matt said...

I have an awesome brother, don't I?

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful show and I can't wait to see of the pics.


John said...

Guess he'll get to cash in on the vows now and love you as much as he can.