Monday, January 23, 2012

Goa (written by Jamie)

Here we are in Goa! It's the kind of chill beach that makes you want to put your bathing suit on and not take it off for a week. On our way here, we flew from Jodhpur to Mumbai to Goa. In the car at the beginning of the 1 1/2 hr drive, Walker puked all over Jo, himself, and the back seat of the car. We cleaned it up as best as we could under the circumstances, then tipped the driver extra for the mess. Walker was complaining his tummy hurt for several hours prior to this. He seemed to feel fine in the morning. As you can see from the pic above, Walker is covering his face. This is because so many Indians have tried to take his picture; he is sick of it. Now at the sight of a camera pointed at him, he acts like he is in the witness protection program or a wanted fugitive and covers his face. Indians have also been trying to touch his face, and pinch his cheeks. I'm proud that he asserts himself, and screams NO!

Here is our shack by the beach. It costs $30 USD a night. Not bad. It has no T.V., mosquito net over the bed, and only a cold shower. No Problem! We are on a west facing beach on the Arabian sea, great for watching the sun set every night. Romantic even with a 3yr old along! I'm excited by the fact that I could walk into the jungle and maybe see a cobra or a 18' long python. But I don't go looking for rattle snakes at home, so I'm sure as hell not gonna hunt cobras in India.
At the end of the beach where we are staying there is a group of overland travelers who are camping. They have come from all over, in all sorts of vehicles. Some of these folks have traveled trough Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan to get here. Impressive! One family we met there has been on the road for 12 years with their 4 kids traveling in a car from the 1920's with wooden wheels. They started in Argentina, came through the Americas, came across Europe, and so on. They have written a book about their travels, and their web site is Their 1st son was born in Greensboro, NC! They are truly interesting people.

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Anonymous said...

So nice that you are sharing turns of describing your travels! I can hear your voices ~ glad to hear you aren't chasing the snakes Jamie!
Looks like a beautiful week of enjoying and relaxing! Interesting family you met indeed! I love that they are traveling in 'chitty chitty bang bang' style! I am sure they can offer ideas for traveling with the young! keep smiling and enjoying!

John Asbury said...

12 years! I wonder if they kept track of the miles on that car.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Cool story about the "traveling gypsies"